Flair & Flair Classes

Flair is throwing stuff around in a way that nothing is broken (we hope) and you look really cool. Working flair is the idea of combining flair with making your drinks.

Alex can’t flair at all and a lot of stuff gets broken. Loic, on the other hand, is a flair bartender, having most recently honed his skills at Roadhouse London, where the World Championships are held every year.

W6 offers flair for your events to entertain your guests and add an extra element of fun. Loic does flair shows and also working flair while bartending. We will be adding the extra element of fire once the insurance is approved.

We also offer Flair classes,  which Loic runs and Alex is attending.

Whether you want to have flair at your next event, want to learn the skill or whether you are already a flair bartender looking to practice we can work a plan that suits you.

Still don’t know what flair is? Check out our video below!