About Santé Cocktail Bar & W6

Loic trained first in kitchen and is a fully qualified chef. After kitchen he made the change to bar work, first in France then London and now in Australia. He has a passion for spirits, cocktails, flair and a general good time. Alex is newer to cocktails but no less passionate. After training in London she came back to Australia with a dream of a bar & providing warm hospitality with an exciting menu!

Santé is a toast to your health in French, the French version of ‘cheers’. Santé Cocktail Bar is a place to meet, relax and drink something beautiful, so what better name for our bar than the word used to clink your glasses!

W6 is the postcode in London where we, Loic & Alex, started working together and where the dream for this little adventure first began. It was our favourite place in London and we hope to bring a little bit of that dream to you in Australia.

Our names are part of who we are and part of what we represent! It’s friends, family, fun and happy memories. We hope you feel the warm hospitality and service when you walk in and make your own fun and happy memories in and around our little bar.